TNA #REBOOTED Bonus Section- TKO Knockouts
While the PPVs Section of TNA#Rebooted was my last Official one for TNA, I've added this part in as a Special Bonus Section (you Lucky people)- for The TNA Womens Knockouts, aka TKO.  

And before I go any further, I must give Full Credit and Thanks here to FoolKiller, the Visionary and Creative Force behind the TKO Knockouts (this is his Creation, I just draw the Pictures). 
So if you’re a fan of Wrestling, don’t forget to Follow FoolKiller on Twitter;!/theRealFK9 ,at his TNAThreshold Blog; and make sure to watch his Incredibly Entertaining Weekly TNA Review Show on YouTube;

TKO Knockouts TKO is a weekly TNA Impact Knockouts spinoff Show. The Concept covers Season1, and contains 17 Episodes in a week by week series of Columns.
You can Read the whole Article in its entirety here:
And for my Design Interpretations of TKO Season 1- 4 (Spoiler Alert) Take a look below:

So from me FreaXTVchannelE, Thanks for Viewing, Please leave your Comments and Views and make sure to Stick around for more Reboots Coming Soon! 


  1. Pretty sweet. Great job. :)

  2. Loved it, was hoping you'd do more work on promos and vignettes like you did for tag teams and male rosters, but I like what I see here!

    1. Cheers!:) Well it's just a short Bonus Section on Foolkiller's creation, so didn't want to tread on his toes (& he may already be having panic attacks on the additional 2 Seasons).