WWE #REBOOTED Section01- A Super New Monday Night
Welcome back Wrestling Fans to Laced Up & Rebooted. After a short Summer break from Rebooting, I thought it was about time to take on the big guns of Wrestling, with the mighty Machine that is the WWE.

We Talk Wrestling
So after the previous #Rebooted Sections of TNA, I was determined to find an angle on how I could reshape the well established universe of the WWE (no easy task) and the way it was presented. At this point I just so happened to stumble across the superb Podcasts of WeTalkWrestling.com, presented by the talented and very entertaining Mo and Addie.
In a podcast, recorded back on May 28th, Mo & Addie discuss the idea of replacing RAW with a whole new Show, and go into detail on the workings and reasons for a new approach.

So before I go into it, here’s a link to that particular show; Check it out HERE .You can find the New RAW discussion at around 1hr 46mins into the podcast. And if you like that show you can find many more gems on their other WeTalkPodcasts. My Fave Podcasts out there!

A New WWE Monday Night Show
Here are the pointers discussed by Mo & Addie for a New MondayNight Show;
1.       To kickstart the interest and Freshen up the Product
2.       Draw Bigger Ratings than Raw is right now.
3.       Give a fresh approach to the Booking, Filming, Graphics and overall Look and Feel.  
4.       More of a Sports-Type of Show
5.       An NFL Football-style Desk and Commentary
6.       NFL-style Analysis, Hype and Build to matches (Training/Promos/Interviews/Vids)
7.       Ranking System for different Categories
8.       Fewer Matches- But with advance Build, Hype and Structure

I think this covers the main points, but please give the Show a listen if you can. So to give credit to Mo & Addie (& thanks for their support in this), here is my interpretation of their ideas (with a touch of the #Rebooted in for good measure) for a New WWE Monday Night Show, with Comment inserts from Mo Kristiansen along the way. Enjoy!

1.1 Logos
So the first task for me in this whole exercise was to come up with the Name for the show. After looking over the RAW logos it quickly hit me- The obvious title was staring at me from the recent title editions with the inclusion of the words Super-show. SUPERSHOW! So with that it all fell into place with the full title of, WWE Monday Night SUPERSHOW. Simples!

I also felt, (and with the intentions of integrating the WWE logo into the Supershow logo) that I needed to start with the initial WWE logo, or just the W as it is presented.
Taking some pointers from the old 80’s WWF logo, I’ve given my new ‘W’ a semi-retro feel, a sporty colour scheme (to go with the Supershow theme) while hopefully adding a more modern graphical style.

So in this presentation, I’ve made one theme for the WWE pre-show intro (in blue) and one for the main Supershow (red, white & blue). The Intro examples below go on the idea of bringing the product back to life and kickstarting the whole look and feel .Here’s how it goes:
The two contrasting colour schemes will come into play throughout the show, with the blue tech-like graphics for caption Displays and commentary Stats and the red, white & blue giving a sporty theme for the Main Arena Show.

For the Cover Poster or DVD, I wanted to give it the whole feel of bringing everything in the mighty WWE Universe together, combined into 1 show and all under one roof. This gives it the big sell of all the elements working together, rather than just 1 show of many. So here is The BIGGEST SHOW, The MAIN SHOW, where everything else revolves around…The Universe Will Be Watching:
The 3 colour schemes of the Title, Red White & Blue, signify the 3 elements or ‘type’ of Stars coming together in one (Red for RAW Stars, White for Management & Blue for Smackdown Stars).

Mo – This is a brilliant start to what the WWE product needs, and has a kinetic energy that only FreaXTVChannelE can bring. One look at this will tell fans it’s new and exciting, but also a top notch high end presentation like they’ve never seen before.

TNA #REBOOTED Bonus Section- TKO Knockouts
While the PPVs Section of TNA#Rebooted was my last Official one for TNA, I've added this part in as a Special Bonus Section (you Lucky people)- for The TNA Womens Knockouts, aka TKO.  

And before I go any further, I must give Full Credit and Thanks here to FoolKiller, the Visionary and Creative Force behind the TKO Knockouts (this is his Creation, I just draw the Pictures). 
So if you’re a fan of Wrestling, don’t forget to Follow FoolKiller on Twitter; https://twitter.com/#!/theRealFK9 ,at his TNAThreshold Blog; http://tnathreshold.blogspot.co.uk/ and make sure to watch his Incredibly Entertaining Weekly TNA Review Show on YouTube; www.youtube.com/user/Foolkiller99/videos

TKO Knockouts TKO is a weekly TNA Impact Knockouts spinoff Show. The Concept covers Season1, and contains 17 Episodes in a week by week series of Columns.
You can Read the whole Article in its entirety here: http://tnathreshold.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/TKO
And for my Design Interpretations of TKO Season 1- 4 (Spoiler Alert) Take a look below:

So from me FreaXTVchannelE, Thanks for Viewing, Please leave your Comments and Views and make sure to Stick around for more Reboots Coming Soon! 

TNA #REBOOTED Section05- PPVs and SuperShows
With all the Logos, Features, Main Players and Objectives in place over the TNA#Rebooted Sections, here is where everything comes into play in this, the Big Reboot Finale. So I present to you my whole Design take on how I would Present and Restructure the big Pay-Per-View TNA Shows, #Rebooted Style!

PPVs  and Supershows
Now at present, TNA broadcasts a total of 12 Pay-Per-View shows a year, and out of this the Big 4 PPVs are; Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound for Glory.
So for this version of the PPV yearly schedule, I’m going to keep with the Big 4, as well as add into the mix DestinationX, as this one really captures the unique qualities of TNA. As for the rest of the card, I’m turning the remaining PPVs into a style of Supershows, or as I’m going to rename them; MainEvent Shows.
Now these MainEvent Shows will run with the same formula as a PPV in terms of Title defences and longer running matches, but with the big difference being they’ll be aired on FreeTV (with commercials) as 3 hour long Impact Specials.
The idea or argument for this Supershow concept is in response to poor PPV sales (in all wrestling companies) and evidence of less emphasis or attention given to marketing these smaller shows. With the new format in place, there would be a much smoother transition between the house shows to the specials (aired at the same TV time), giving viewers a better chance to see the rivalry conclusions and therefore follow the developments easier. So with more viewers able to come onboard with the weekly Impact and MainEvent Shows, the build for the big Pay-Per-Views can be given more Time, Energy and Attention for major Advertising and Marketing.

Designs & Layouts
So before I go into more detail on the PPVs and Specials, firstly here’re the main Logo Designs for the 2 main types of shows. And for Design purposes, I’ve themed the PPVs in Gold and the MainEventShows in Silver, while keeping with the full titled TNA Impact Wrestling Logo:
These colour schemes will be themed into the Posters, DVDs and PPV/MainEvent Shows, to completely give each event its own Identity and Recognition.

Rebooted TNA PPV/MainEvent Show
So to continue on with giving some Identity to each event, I’ve added a few new Names and Themes to the MainEvent Shows. The object here is to give each one a distinct feel and make each one more Memorable and Standout, as well as presenting the titles in a fresh and modern style.
So with that said, here’s a Preview and rundown of the New Year in TNA:
Booking the Shows
To add a spot of Realism to this Section, I’ve made an attempt to add the Matchups and Booking decisions. Now the whole point to this presentation really isn’t about the booking (I’ll leave that to the bigger boys), but I’ve given it some thought and tried to add some logic and reason to the lineups as far as the roster goes. (Though please Note; due to some recent changes, some matches may no longer be possible- although I’ve scheduled this for 2013, so it could definitely still happen!).    
Extra Notes:
I’ve nicknamed the X-Division the X-D or X-D Title, simply for design purposes.
I’ve given the TV-Title a more prestigious role as in filling the gap that lies between the X-D and World Title. The idea here is that anyone in or around these titles has the chance to compete for the TV-Title. Plus the Title is defended frequently on house-shows (at least twice monthly) and if held for a worthy amount of time, can give the holder a World Title shot if traded in (much like the Money in the Bank briefcase).

So with all said and done, I hope you enjoy the Show!

1. GENESIS 01.13.13 (PPV)
The Concept: The mechanics of the Genesis Pay-Per-View will act out much the same as before, being a straightforward event with all the Championships on the line , but with the angle of all-new rivalries and feuds given their first big staging; A New Year and a New Direction!

The Setup: (Following on from the end of the years 2012 Impact Show) Since Hogan’s latest fall from grace; Exposed on record as using doctored fan-film footage in an attempt to cause friction amongst the ranks and gain full control, with the help of his old partner Eric Bischoff. Dixie Carter finally steps in and hands the GM position back to Sting.
The TNA World Championship is still held by Jeff Hardy, since beating Bobbie Roode at BFG2012. After his ill-fated attempts at regaining the Title from Roode during last years battles, James Storm steps up once more in his final shot at Gold.
Matches & Results:
TNA World Title Match- (c)Hardy vs Storm. Winner- James Storm
X-D 4-Way Title Match- (c)Aries vs Kash vs Ion vs Silva. Winner- Austin Aries
TagTeam Title Match- (c)JMRGKU vs MCMGs. Winners- MCMGs
TV-Title Match- (c)Styles vs Bully. Winner- Bully Ray