TNA #REBOOTED Section05- PPVs and SuperShows
With all the Logos, Features, Main Players and Objectives in place over the TNA#Rebooted Sections, here is where everything comes into play in this, the Big Reboot Finale. So I present to you my whole Design take on how I would Present and Restructure the big Pay-Per-View TNA Shows, #Rebooted Style!

PPVs  and Supershows
Now at present, TNA broadcasts a total of 12 Pay-Per-View shows a year, and out of this the Big 4 PPVs are; Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound for Glory.
So for this version of the PPV yearly schedule, I’m going to keep with the Big 4, as well as add into the mix DestinationX, as this one really captures the unique qualities of TNA. As for the rest of the card, I’m turning the remaining PPVs into a style of Supershows, or as I’m going to rename them; MainEvent Shows.
Now these MainEvent Shows will run with the same formula as a PPV in terms of Title defences and longer running matches, but with the big difference being they’ll be aired on FreeTV (with commercials) as 3 hour long Impact Specials.
The idea or argument for this Supershow concept is in response to poor PPV sales (in all wrestling companies) and evidence of less emphasis or attention given to marketing these smaller shows. With the new format in place, there would be a much smoother transition between the house shows to the specials (aired at the same TV time), giving viewers a better chance to see the rivalry conclusions and therefore follow the developments easier. So with more viewers able to come onboard with the weekly Impact and MainEvent Shows, the build for the big Pay-Per-Views can be given more Time, Energy and Attention for major Advertising and Marketing.

Designs & Layouts
So before I go into more detail on the PPVs and Specials, firstly here’re the main Logo Designs for the 2 main types of shows. And for Design purposes, I’ve themed the PPVs in Gold and the MainEventShows in Silver, while keeping with the full titled TNA Impact Wrestling Logo:
These colour schemes will be themed into the Posters, DVDs and PPV/MainEvent Shows, to completely give each event its own Identity and Recognition.

Rebooted TNA PPV/MainEvent Show
So to continue on with giving some Identity to each event, I’ve added a few new Names and Themes to the MainEvent Shows. The object here is to give each one a distinct feel and make each one more Memorable and Standout, as well as presenting the titles in a fresh and modern style.
So with that said, here’s a Preview and rundown of the New Year in TNA:
Booking the Shows
To add a spot of Realism to this Section, I’ve made an attempt to add the Matchups and Booking decisions. Now the whole point to this presentation really isn’t about the booking (I’ll leave that to the bigger boys), but I’ve given it some thought and tried to add some logic and reason to the lineups as far as the roster goes. (Though please Note; due to some recent changes, some matches may no longer be possible- although I’ve scheduled this for 2013, so it could definitely still happen!).    
Extra Notes:
I’ve nicknamed the X-Division the X-D or X-D Title, simply for design purposes.
I’ve given the TV-Title a more prestigious role as in filling the gap that lies between the X-D and World Title. The idea here is that anyone in or around these titles has the chance to compete for the TV-Title. Plus the Title is defended frequently on house-shows (at least twice monthly) and if held for a worthy amount of time, can give the holder a World Title shot if traded in (much like the Money in the Bank briefcase).

So with all said and done, I hope you enjoy the Show!

1. GENESIS 01.13.13 (PPV)
The Concept: The mechanics of the Genesis Pay-Per-View will act out much the same as before, being a straightforward event with all the Championships on the line , but with the angle of all-new rivalries and feuds given their first big staging; A New Year and a New Direction!

The Setup: (Following on from the end of the years 2012 Impact Show) Since Hogan’s latest fall from grace; Exposed on record as using doctored fan-film footage in an attempt to cause friction amongst the ranks and gain full control, with the help of his old partner Eric Bischoff. Dixie Carter finally steps in and hands the GM position back to Sting.
The TNA World Championship is still held by Jeff Hardy, since beating Bobbie Roode at BFG2012. After his ill-fated attempts at regaining the Title from Roode during last years battles, James Storm steps up once more in his final shot at Gold.
Matches & Results:
TNA World Title Match- (c)Hardy vs Storm. Winner- James Storm
X-D 4-Way Title Match- (c)Aries vs Kash vs Ion vs Silva. Winner- Austin Aries
TagTeam Title Match- (c)JMRGKU vs MCMGs. Winners- MCMGs
TV-Title Match- (c)Styles vs Bully. Winner- Bully Ray

2. GLOBAL IMPACT (UK) 02.07.13 & 02.14.13 (TV-ME)
The Concept: I’ve renamed the touring Impact show back to its former title of ‘Global Impact’ and given it a more PPV feel, rather than the regular house-show format shown recently, while still making it 2 hrs long, aired over 2 weekly episodes.
The main TNA Championship matches are on the line here, as well as matches for International and Exhibition bragging rights, with UK wrestlers taking on select TNA teams and individuals. Matches are set up on the weekly house-shows with satellite feeds from UK wrestlers and promo videos to outline the UK ‘Nation Invasion’ team, giving the show a less random build up.

The Setup: A rematch is built up on Impact for the TNA World Heavyweight title between Storm and Hardy, while teams are chosen in advance for Team TNA and Team UK, as well a reformation of a new British Invasion Tagteam. The Global Classic rivalry between Kurt Angle and Nigel McGuiness is fought out as Angle persuades McGuiness to come out of retirement for one last match.
Matches & Results:
TNA World Title Match- (c)Storm vs Hardy. Winner- James Storm
Global Classic Match- Angle vs McGuinness. Winner- Nigel McGuinness
TagTeam Title Match- (c)MCMGs vs BritishInvasion 2.0. Winners- MCMGs
NationInvasion Elimination Match- Team TNA vs Team UK. Winners- Team TNA
TV-Title Match1- (c)Bully vs Styles. Winner- Styles. Match2- (c)Styles vs Bully. Winner- Bully

3. LOCKDOWN 03.17.13 (PPV)
The Concept; As with the 6-Sided Ring, the 6-Sides of Steel makes its welcome return here, which in my opinion looks far more impressive than the rather small and boxy 4-sided one in recent years. So it’s the usual TNA Classic PPV in action here, with all the Main Titles up for grabs and the spectacular Lethal Lockdown team battle to headline the show.

The Setup: Recent Impacts see the unlikely return of Hogan, challenging Sting to a final Careers showdown and a chance to take back the GM position, which he believes is still rightfully his. Sting retaliates by setting up a LethalLockdown match involving selected teams and the added stipulation of all Careers on the line. With his TNA powers stripped away, Hogan’s’ team consists of an outside alliance of friends, while Sting uses the upper hand by picking a team of ex-Immortal members, all ready to exact their Revenge.
Matches & Results:
Lethal Lockdown- Team Stinger vs Team Hogan. Winners- Team Stinger
TNA World Title Match- (c)Storm vs Roode. Winner- James Storm
TagTeam Title Match- (c)MCMGs vs Morgan/Crimson. Winners- MCMGs (leading to Morgan vs Crimson in a No-Holds-Barred Match)
Lockdown X- X-D Title Match- (c)Aries vs Silva. Winner- Austin Aries
TV-Title Match- (c)Bully vs Angle. Winner- Bully Ray

4. TRIPLE X 04.11.13 (TV-ME)
The Concept: In 2011 some of the most stunning matches I’d seen in a long time occurred during Impact’s X-Division 3-way matches, resulting in the signing of Austin Aries.
In order to recapture this series of events I’ve turned this into a MainEvent Show, featuring a lineup of high-flying wrestlers from the Independents, to compete for a chance to gain TNA contracts. So to further their careers and take a future shot at the X-D Title, 9 wrestlers will compete in 3 separate 3-way matches, 3 of these will gain contracts, and the outright winner will get the X-D Title shot at next months Destination X.

The Setup: 9 unsigned wrestlers are promoted and previewed over the weeks leading up to the MainEvent Show. Austin Aries also defends his X-D Title in a 3-way match against Zema Ion and Alex Silva.
Matches & Results:
3-Way Match1- Low-ki vs Rave vs Darson. Winner- Low-ki
3-Way Match2- Guerrero vs Evans vs Bentley. Winner- Jack Evans
3-Way Match3- Williams vs Kendrick vs Yang. Winner- Petey Williams
X-D 3-Way Title Match- (c)Aries vs Ion vs Silva. Winner- Austin Aries
3-Way Ultimate X No1 Contender Match-  Low-ki vs Evans vs Williams. Winner- Petey Williams

5. DESTINATION X 05.12.13 (PPV)
The Concept: As with the regular PPV, the UltimateX themed show is given more emphasis towards the X-Division, with an Ultimate 4-way Main Event X-D title and X-D Contender Match. The TNA World Title is also on the line, as well as another UltimateX showcase from the high-flying Tagteams.   

The Setup: After trading in the TV-Title belt for a shot at the TNA World Title, Bully Ray faces the reigning Champion, James Storm. Petey Williams, the recent winner of TripleX, faces Zema Ion, the returning Jesses Sorensen and the X-D Champ, Austin Aries for Gold.
Matches & Results:
4-Way UltimateX X-D Title Match- (c)Aries vs Williams vs Ion vs Sorensen. Winners- Petey Williams
TNA World Title Match- (c)Storm vs Bully. Winner- James Storm
UltimateX Tagteam Title Match- (c)MCMGs vs 2Cents. Winners- 2 Cents
X-D no1 Contender Match- Evans vs Low-ki. Winner- Low-ki

The Concept: First off, I’ve made this a 4 hour show to add more emphasis on the idea of this show being TNA’s big Anniversary Show, and added to Bound for Glory, is TNA’s 2nd yearly hyper-sized Pay-Per-View.
As with the regular Slammiversary formula, al of the Titles are on the line, plus there’s a return of the classic King of the Mountain match to determine the TNA World Champion.

The Setup: All of the main TNA World Title Contenders come onto play here, as James Storm must defend his belt against Bully Ray, Roode, Styles, Angle and Hardy in a 6-man KOTM Ladder Match.
Matches & Results:
TNA World Title KOTM Match- (c)Storm vs Bully vs Angle vs Roode vs Hardy vs Styles. Winner Storm (with assistance from Roode)
X-D Title Match- (c)Williams vs Low-ki. Winner- Petey Williams
4-Way Tagteam Title Match- (c)2Cents vs MCMGs vs JMRGKU vs Crimson/Morgan. Winner-JMRGKU
TV-Title Match- (c)Crimson vs Morgan. Winner- Crimson

7. GLOBAL IMPACT (JAPAN) 07.11.13 & 07.18.13 (TV-ME)
The Concept: The same applies here as with Global Impact UK, just with the TNA Tour taking to the shores of Japan at the Tokyodome.

The Setup: With the near win of AJ Styles at last months Slammiversary, AJ gets another chance at World Title, with a match against Storm. The Champ tries to play down his allegiance with Roode in the KOTM match, but suspicions are mounting.
Matches & Results:
TNA World Title Match- (c)Storm vs Styles. Winner- James Storm
Global Classic Match- Angle vs Tanahashi. Winner- Kurt Angle
Tagteam Title Match- (c)JMRGKU vs Most Violent Players. Winners- JMRGKU
Nation Invasion Elimination Match- Team TNA vs Team Japan. Winners- Team Japan
TV-Title Match1- (c)Crimson vs Bully. Winner- BullyRay. Match2- (c)Bully vs Crimson. Winner- Crimson

The Concept: The idea for this show is a little off-the-wall, but is a concept I’ve been toying with for quite some time, and I think would make for a New and Innovative approach to a big Wrestling Event.
So the concept here is to put on Classic Rematches, solely as exhibitions matches, but given a full Cinematic presentation and feel. So for instance; take the match formulas from big fight Movies, such as Rocky or The Wrestler; with multi-camera angle shots, dramatic slow motion, replays and montages and add all that to some of TNAs biggest matches; with bigger production values, promo packages and statistics, and it could be quite a winning combination. Obviously to make this, the matches would have to be pre-taped and acted out to the crowd in more of a scene by scene movie formula rather than a straight forward match, but as a presentation, I’m sure the end result would make for a stunning new wrestling concept.
The Setup: Rivalries and Titles put aside, this one is just about making the Greatest Matches of all time even Greater. But to add further speculation and drama, the outcomes to these classics may change.
Matches & Result:
Lockdown Return Match- Angle vs Joe. Winner- Kurt Angle
Ultimate 3-Way Match- Styles vs Bully vs Daniels. Winner- AJ Styles
Tagteam Classic- MCMGs vs BeerMoney. Winners- Beer Money
No-Hold-Barred Match- Crimson vs Morgan. Winner- Crimson

9. CROWNING GLORY 09.12.13 (TV-ME)
The Concept: After the impressive Bound for Glory no1 Contenders Tournement of 2011, I thought what better way to showcase the final outcome of this than to turn it into a MainEvent Show. So with the Tournament playing out on the weekly shows, this would be the climax Special to determine the No1 Contender for the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory, as well as Tagteam and X-D Contenders.
With Crowning Glory continuing the build for BFG, I'm sure this will add more emphasis and hype for the biggest and most anticipated PPV of the year. 

The Setup: With the final points drawn so close, any one of the top 6 Contenders could win the No1 spot to face James Storm at Bound for Glory. As the final matchups stand; AJ Styles must face Jeff Hardy in a Singles match, to determine who goes through to the final to face the winner of a 4-Way battle between Bully, Aries, Crimson and Angle.
Matches & Results:
GlorySeries 4-Way Match- Bully vs Crimson vs Aries vs Angle. Winner- Austin Aries
GlorySeries 1on1 Match- Hardy vs Styles. Winner- AJ Styles
Tagteam No1 Contender Match- 2Cents vs MCMGs. Winners- MCMGs
X-D 5-Way No1 Contender Match- Low-ki vs Silva vs Ion vs Sorensen vs Evans. Winner- Alex Silva
GlorySeries 1on1 Final Match- Aries vs Styles. Winner- Austin Aries

10. BOUND FOR GLORY 10.13.13 (PPV)
The Concept: This remains the Classic BFG Pay-Per-View format. All the Titles are on the line, with the biggest matches and matchups of the year. As with Slammiversary, I’ve scheduled this as a 4hr PPV, for another Epic TNA Show.

The Setup: Since the brief reunion and win of BeerMoney at the BSB MainEvent Show, and forming a close alliance with Roode, James Storm has made a full Heel turn in recent weeks.
Making his surprise win at Crowning Glory, Austin Aries now steps up to the World Title challenge against Storm on the Biggest Stage of the Year.
Matches & Results:
TNA World Title Match- (c)Storm vs Aries. Winner- Austin Aries
Tagteam Title Best of 3 Match- (c)JMRGKU vs MCMGs. Winners- MCMGs
X-D Title Match- (c)Williams vs Silva. Winner- Alex Silva
TV-Title Elimination Match- (c)Crimson vs Angle vs Styles vs Hardy vs Roode vs Morgan. Winner- Crimson

11. XTV 11.14.13 (TV-ME)
The Concept: The main aim of the XTV show is to bring the roster closer together between the X-Division and the TV-Title and give everyone involved a shot at the top.
The TNA World Title is also on the line in this show, but the main focus is on the X-D and TV Titles. The main contending wrestlers from both Division must pair into Tagteams and compete in a series of tagmatches, until only 1 team remains. From there they must fight it out 1 on 1 to decide who takes which belt; Winner receives 1st prize- TV-Title and 2nd place- X-D Title. 

The Setup: Crimson trades in the TV Title for a shot at the TNA World Championship against Austin Aries, making a vacant Title open to all takers. Mixed Tagteams of X-D and Top Contenders have been formed to battle for the Belts.
Matches & Results:
XTV TagMatch1- Styles/Sorensen vs Bully/Ion. Winners- Styles/Sorensen
XTV TagMatch2- Angle/Silva vs Hardy/Evans. Winners- Angle/Silva
TNA WorldTitle Match (c)Aries vs Crimson. Winner- Austin Aries
X-D/TV Title TagMatch- Styles/Sorensen vs Angle/Silva. Winners- Angle/Silva
X-D/TV Title 1on1 Match- Angle vs Silva. Winner- Kurt Angle (Angle wins TV, Silva X-D)

12. VERSUS 12.12.13 (TV-ME)
The Concept: The idea behind the Versus show is to mix up the rivalries within the roster and essentially hit the Reset button, leading to a New Outlook for next years Genesis. This will be the last TNA show of the year, giving a cliffhanger ending to the Season.
The roster will be divided into 2 Teams; Lions vs Wolves, with the World Champion and No1 Contender leading each Team. In the weeks leading up to the MainEvent Show, the Teams will be selected, giving time for some new rivalries and speculations to develop.
All the Titles are on the line here, but with the teams divided, oppositions may differ as each team is a mixup of Face and Heel, so new tagteams can arise as well as partnerships and assisting players.
The main emphasis of the show will fall on the final Team Battle Royal, where the ultimate payoff and motivation for the winning Team will be in gaining automatic Title Shots at next years Genesis PPV. The Titles will be decided by a lottery system of briefcases, with the Title Contracts inside certain cases (presented on the following NewYear Impact).  

The Setup: The TNA Champion Austin Aries leads Team Wolves, while his opponent Kurt Angle leads Team Lions. Members of each team are picked throughout the weekly Impact Shows leading up to Versus.
Matches & Result;
Versus Team BattleRoyal- Team Lions (Capt.Angle) vs Team Wolves (Capt.Aries). Winner- Team Lions
TNA World Title Match- (c)Aries vs Angle. Winner- Austin Aries
Tagteam Title Match- (c)MCMGs vs BeerMoney. Winner- Beer Money
TV-Title Match- Joe vs Magnus. Winner- Samoa Joe
X-D Title Match- (c)Silva vs Sorensen. Winner- Sorensen

And the Fight goes on and on and on…..

So there it is; my Giant-Sized Version of the TNA PPVs & Supershows #Rebooted!
And that about Wraps up the Whole TNA Rebooted Sections for Laced Up & Rebooted.
I may come back to some Sections later on with Updates, and there may be a few Bonus Sections that I have in mind, coming very soon. Plus it would be great to present some of these Ideas in Animation form, so Stay Tuned to YouTube Folks!

And I’m far from saying this is the perfect solution, it’s all down to opinion at the end of the day, but this is just my attempt to find one. So I hope you’ve enjoyed the Show so far and I’d be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on these Sections and any other Article on the FXTVE-Rebooted Blog.
So for now, Thanks for your time and it’s on with more Reboots….WWE anyone? 


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