TNA #REBOOTED Section02- Titles with Impact
To continue on from the Logos Section (1) and to wrap up the Graphics for the Weekly Impact shows, I'm going to tackle the visuals for the main Title Sequence to open up the show.
So putting some Storyboard action into play, I've put together a set of photo panels to illustrate how the sequence will run.

Now looking through the opening titles to most Wrestling shows (past or present), apart from the music and logos standing out, the sequences usually consists of cropped footage of characters, moves and slams, cut together at a fast pace, with a few explosions in for good measure. 
And while this does its job in presenting the contents to the show, I wanted to add a level of design to make the visuals really stand out and give the show an identity that would be memorable and instantly recognisable.  

So in order to attempt in capturing the feel of Impact and its target demography, and to make Impact look fresh, exciting and in touch with its audience, I've produced a Title scenario that fits together all the Logos, Colour Schemes and Props, while still keeping the clips of the actual show’s events.

Titles with Style 
Ok,so the basic premise is as follows:
A gang of street Artists, laden with spray cans and paint, take to the outer walls of the Impact Zone. They set to work spraying, tagging and fly-posting the entire area with giant-sized Wrestlers and Logos, while the paintings begin to come to life as they work. The huge characters move into action, smashing, grappling and slamming each other and everything in sight as the area becomes a stomping ground of wrestling action. As the gang work on regardless, the whole scene comes together, revealing the huge action packed TNA Impact Wrestling logo.   

Title Mechanics
To begin this, I’d have the gang breaking thru the black and white tape (theme continuation from logo), then have them sped up in super fast motion as they put the characters together at breakneck speeds. The paintings would then interact with foreground objects, knocking over cans and ladders, bending signposts and cutting through tape, whilst playing out actual scenarios from clips of the show; Poses, Celebrations and high-impact Moves.

So take a look and you’ll get the idea- But just before you do, to set the scene properly and get more of the style and feel of the sequence, here's my suggestion; 
Title Music of choice in my opinion would have to be-
Beastie Boys ‘Lee Majors Come Again’ from the album- HotSauceCommiteePt2.
Here's the Youtube link- just click HERE
So get the whole Experience and Play it Loud, Scroll on down and Enjoy...

Title Mechanics (cont)
And on the Sequence goes- From this point at the Impact Logo I’d go straight into the live action show, fading the title Logo in with a birds-eye shot of the ring with the logo emblazoned in its centre. The camera then sweeps up to a shot of the Entrance ramp (music still playing), with pyros and lights flashing as the ring announce team walk down the ramp towards the ring. With a welcome from the commentary team it’s on with the show (see Section1-ImpactZone). 

So there's my attempt in creating a fresh introduction to the show, bringing the whole Impact image up to date and relevant to today's pop-culture audience.  
And that about wraps it up for the TNA Impact Wrestling house show Sections. Thanks for viewing the show so far and stay tuned for what's just around the corner in Sections 3 & 4- Makeovers and Takeovers, where I take the Reboot to the Roster. See you there!

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