FXTVE #REBOOTED Section00– Marching Foreword
The Graphic Invasion Starts Here!
Hi everyone and Welcome to FXTVE-Rebooted; The Fan-Art Site where I take on the World of Entertainment from an Artists Perspective. From here I’ll be giving my own Design interpretations of the Pop-Culture products I’ve grown up with and been drawn to over the years, from Movies and Music to Sports, Comics and Games.  
So as a professional Designer in the field of Graphics, Illustration and Animation, I will be using this channel to Showcase and Promote my Ideas, Artwork and Concepts, while giving my own Alternate take on the products that I admire and appreciate the most as a Fan. 

And with that said, it’s time to start Rebooting! So here’s what’s coming up in the following Sections of FXTVE-Rebooted:

Sports Entertainment
As a huge fan of the Sports Entertainment industry, I will be covering quite a number of subjects on the World of Professional Wrestling, so lace up your boots and get ready for a brawl:  

Laced Up & Rebooted will take on the task of covering many aspects of Design within Pro-Wrestling, from Presentation and Marketing angles, to new Ideas and Concepts. With Logos, Posters, Characters and more, this will be my attempt to rebuild and create a fresh and modern approach to the Wrestling business.
The Monstars of Wrestling PPV Specials; An Alien Invasion is coming in the form of a Cartoon Wrestling World known as the M.o.W. These guys may look familiar, but be warned; they've all embraced their Monstars within!  
That’s Entertainment!
And before you say it, there's a lot more besides Wrestling on its way, I promise!
Here's a taste of what's to come from the ever expanding Reboot files:

Further Entertainment Sections will feature Concepts, Characters & Designs, covering the Art of Movies, Music, Animation, Comics and Video-Games, Redesigned & #Rebooted.  
From the biggest Blockbusters to the Indie Classics, there will be Sci-Fi, Action, Superheroes, Horror and much much more, all Designed and Rebooted to bring out the Nostalgia and Nerdiness in everyone.
Sections included are: The Big Picture Rebooted, Tuned in and Rebooted, and Shutdown and Rebooted.
Scary Monstars & Super FreaX is a showcase of super-sized, insanely detailed & frighteningly realistic Caricatures. A macabre mix of legendary Stars from the world of Movies, Music & Wrestling, all with a Monster twist; Larger than life & much Scarier in the Flesh!

So from FreaxTVchannelE (aka RAWhale) I hope you enjoy this Fan-Art Site.
Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions or ideas to the upcoming Sections; As long as it’s Creative, Constructive or just plain Complimentary, it’ll be Welcome ;)
You can also follow me on Twitter @freaxtvchannele for updates & comments, or email me at freaxtvchannele@hotmail.co.uk . I look forward to hearing from you!
Oh & just one more thing: Please Ask permission before using any of the images. Thanks!

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